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"The Babe Brow"

This service includes a wax, tint, trim, and detail tweezing all for the sweet, sweet price of $28.  It will be the best half hour of your day, guaranteed.

Sara uses gentle hard wax for all body services with the exception of hands, feet, knuckles, and toes.  Soft wax is the superior choice for those areas.

Sara is Shoden and Okuden Reiki certified.  Curious about energy work?  Reach out to Sara via the contact page - all questions are welcome! 

*A last minute change of plans will result in a $20 Consideration Expense. 

This Consideration Expense will be charged to the client

if they choose to Reschedule, Cancel, or No-Show the appointment

within 24 hours of the scheduled service

with the exception of dangerous weather conditions. (or the 'rona)

The same Consideration Expense will be discounted to the client

if the technician must Reschedule or Cancel the appointment

within 24 hours of the scheduled service,

with the exception of dangerous weather conditions. (or the 'rona)

Considerations may be made on a case-by-case basis. (ex. the  'rona)

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - if you have been in close proximity to a

confirmed or suspected covid infection, STAY HOME until said suspicion

has been clearly confirmed or denied.  I promise to get you in as soon

as is safe for you AND FOR ME.  Thank you <3

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