So you just got waxed, now what?

For 48 hours post service, avoid the 3 S's, or else!

1) Sun including natural sunlight, tanning beds, and spray tans

  2) Sweat including heavy exercise, sweat due to traveling, or           from intimacy

  3) Strange bodies of water such as pools, lakes, or hot tubs

   Also be sure to use good exfoliation practices for the first 3-5 days after your service and twice weekly after that.

    If manual exfoliation alone is not enough to protect reactive       skin from irritation, please consult Sara about additional ways to support your skin's health.


Exfoliation is a method of reducing dead skin cells.  This can be done manually, with a brush, mitt, or sponge with a "scratchy" texture.  Rub your tool of choice gently, but rapidly across the area needing exfoliation for a full minute.  You can also use a sugar or salt scrub and elimiate the need for the tool.  Sing the birthday song to yourself twice to count a minute!


  Exfoliation can also be achieved chemically by applying certain products to the skin after showering.  These products "chew" sticky, dead skin cells and kill bacteria that cause ingrown hairs. 


Some chemicals that help exfoliate include: Salicylic, Glycolic, and Lactic Acids -

also known as AHA's and BHA's

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