Avoid the 3 S's for 48 Hours After Your Waxing Service

Beach Time


sun, tanning bed, spray tan

Waxing gently exfoliates your skin, so it's extra important to protect it from the sun's rays.  What might usually give you "a little color" might give you a nasty burn within 48 hours of your service.  A spray tan within this time frame will give a lovely rash-like appearance.


shade, sunscreen

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


from working out OR intimacy

Salt from our sweat may irritate open pores (and the teensy spaces where hairs used to be) and cause either a ruby-red rash or a mess of white-heads.  My new favorite to combat bacteria and soothe angry skin is Bare from Green Envee, now available in studio for $16.


sugar scrub, Bare

SUP Paddle

strange bodies of water

pools, lakes, hot tubs

Hot tubs are riddled with heat-resistant bacteria, which we do NOT want anywhere near freshly waxed areas.

say it with me:

"it can wait!"

Waxing Best Practices

Face Scrub


Exfoliate for the first 3-5 days after your service, and twice weekly after that.  Exfoliate the day before your next wax for the best removal!


Less is More

I recommend chemical aftercare products (such as Bare, AHA Overnight Peel, or Ingrown Hair Treatment)   when folks are prone to ingrown hairs and irritation, or prefer not to exfoliate as often as recommended.


Stay Smooth

We want all the hairs to come to the party and leave the party at the same time.  Waxing every 4 weeks, every 5 weeks, or every 6 weeks for a minimum of 3-4 months will train your hair to grow on the same "cycle."