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Bikini Waxing Services

Aesthetic Constitution is a waxing studio for humans of all genders and stages of transition.  When booking, please choose the service that coordinates best with your current physical anatomy.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about which bikini services may be the best fit for you.

Bikini (f) - $45

   Hard Wax removes hair from inner thigh, happy trail, and inner backside, leaving a strip or triangle leading onto labias

Brazilian Bikini (f) - $60

   Hard Wax removes all fuzz, including from the labias

   May leave decorative "Martini Glass" or "Vegas Strip" of hair

Bikini (m) - $65

   Hard Wax removes hair from the shaft, scrotum, and inner backside

Brazillian Bikini (m) - $80

   Hard Wax removes hair from shaft, scrotum, inner backside, and as much hair off the top as you like


Buttocks- $20

    Soft Wax removes hair from buttocks cheeks, while Hard Wax removes hair from inner backside

Inner Backside Only - $15

Inner Thigh Only- $10

Back of Leg Only- $10

Facial Waxing Services

Signature Eyebrow Grooming - $22

   Includes hard and/or soft wax, trimming of the hairs, and detail tweezing

    Add nose for $5   

    Add lip for $5 

    Add Tint for $5 

Tints only the brow hairs and generally lasts 4-8 weeks with proper care

Lip - $10

Chin - $10

Cheeks - $10

Sideburns - $10

Nose - $10

Ears - $10

Ears & Nose - $15

Full Face - $60

   Includes express facial

Back of Neck - $20

   Hairline Countouring

Front of Neck - $25

   Men's Facial Hair Contouring

Body Waxing Services


Underarms  - $25 

   BOGO free when you prebook during the summer!

Back/Chest - $60

   May add shoulders & 1/4 arm for $20

   May add back of neck for $20

Abdomen - $25

   May leave happy trail, if desired

Happy Trail  - $10

Just Nipples - $5

Feet & Toes - $10

Hands & Knuckles - $20

Lower Arms - $30

   Includes hands & knuckles

Upper Arms - $25

   Soft Wax

Full Arms - $55 

Lower Legs - $50

   Includes knees and feet

Upper Legs - $50

   Includes Knees


Full Legs - $90  

   Includes knees and feet


Bikini Mud Mask - $5

   A thin mud is applied to draw out impurities from exposed pores immediately after a wax

   May also be used on underams

Lash Tint - $20  

   Super gentle tint leaves hairs darkened for 4-6 weeks 

Sparkle-kini - $10-$30

   Simple, sultry, sporty, the choice is all yours!  Also know as "va-jazzling," adorn your kitty with some crystalline flair.  May also be used on décolletage, low back, neck, or even face.  Fun for a special night out or music festival!    

Last Minute Policy

A last minute change of plans will result in a $20 Consideration Expense. 

This Consideration Expense will be charged to the client

if they choose to Reschedule, Cancel, or No-Show the appointment

within 24 hours of the scheduled service

with the exception of dangerous weather conditions.

The same Consideration Expense will be discounted to the client

if the technician must Reschedule or Cancel the appointment

within 24 hours of the scheduled service,

with the exception of dangerous weather conditions.

Considerations may be made on a case-by-case basis.